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Brian Epstein on HullabalooProducer's Blog
September 31, 2006 - 5:08pm
You might have seen the announcement on our News page about Kerry Barden joining our team as Casting Director. I couldn't be more excited about this addition!

Check out all the impressive credits in his bio

... All I can add is that he's also a really nice guy :)

Fifth Beatle Movie News
September 18, 2006
Kerry Barden has joined our production team as Casting Director. Brian Epstein is proud

Kerry is a founding member and partner at Hopkins, Smith & Barden, one of the best-respected and most successful casting agencies in the film and television industries.

Among countless major motion pictures and high-profile independent films, Kerry cast “Seven,” “Good Will Hunting,” “Shakespeare In Love,” “Sex And The City,” “World Trade Center,” “Alexander,” “Monster’s Ball,” “Chocolat,” “Any Given Sunday,” “Peter Pan,” etc.

We're proud and excited to have Kerry on our team!

The Kerry Barden casting credits list on the New York Times Movies site

RRHoF ~ Why won't more people care?

Personally, I couldn't give a flyin' eff about the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. The music industry people who run it are a bunch of bum-kissing jerks. But I've always loved Brian Epstein, and this is why I'm looking in the direction of that place.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland. Brian Epstein is NOT in it. It's an OUTRAGE.
People worldwide access the RRHOF to be told who made a difference in the evolution of modern music. They end up with no idea about who Brian was or what he did. Incredibly for me, many people I know (including my own husband) didn't even recognize his name until I informed them. That's so unfair. And that's basically why I began caring personally. Somebody has to.

The music industry thrives on money and power. Unless some other kind of pressure to induct an individual is applied, the deciders and voters do it only to fill their pockets and return favors.

The RRHOF's main income is brought in by the annual induction ceremony. The people who pay to attend come to see lots of LIVE celebrities show up and accept the awards. Eppy loses because he's not alive.

Also, the music industry people who decide and vote in this thing almost always personally know the people they're voting for. They're kissing butt, paying back favors and slapping backs.

There are very few (if any) decision-making voters who actually knew Brian. Inducting Brian would put no money in any of their pockets. Eppy loses because he's not profitable for them, nor can he pull any strings for them.

Well, besides writing stuff on the internet here, I don't know what else to do about this except to point people to Martin Lewis's MBE website to sign the petition he promised to use when he gets enough signatures. He seems to be ignoring it lately, since his push to sell his Rhino Rediscovery version of A Cellarful Of Noise is over. (By the way, Mr Lewis's additions to Cellarful are super, excellent! If you don't own it already, borrow the book at the library or something and read his text! I only wish his campaign hadn't petered out!)

My main passion is to someday see the day when the name Brian Epstein is every bit as recognizable and loved as the names of the other Beatles. Also, of course, to restore the dignity and respect he deserves.

Despite my opinion of the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," that place is probably going to be around for a long long time. An ungodly number of people worldwide will trust it to be their only source to identify the pioneers of modern music. And they will walk away having no clue about the man who changed the world by bringing us the Beatles.



There is a section in the Hall of Fame specifically for "Non-Performers" - and Brian is NOT in it. He has been ignored every year since he was eligible. Make no mistake - it was the Beatles that had the talent. But without Brian's skills and tireless endeavors - for all their stunning talent - the Beatles would never have made it outside of Liverpool. Not in the Britain of the early 60's. And that's the absolute conviction of George Martin, Derek Taylor, Klaus Voorman, Alistair Taylor, Sid Bernstein, Robert Freeman, Walter Shenson, Billy J. Kramer, Ray Coleman and everyone else in a position to really know.

Please join George Martin and over 20,000 other admirers - by signing the petition to respectfully urge the Hall Of Fame to correct this oversight. And please encourage every Beatles fan you know to do the same.

For more information please visit "M.B.E. stands for Mister Brian Epstein...".

Thank you."

"...Please make it a little project of yours to recruit all your Beatle-loving family, friends, work colleagues or schoolmates to the cause.
Our target is at least 100,000 signatures!
The Hall of Fame would find it hard to ignore that!

Remember - There's Nothing You Can Do That Can't Be Done!...
...So if you love the Beatles - and are grateful that they ever touched your life - please give 30 seconds of your time and touch this sentence."


Like I said, I don't know what else I can do to save Brian Epstein from virtual oblivion.
Pass on the word if you give a damn.

Facebook Induct Brian Page
If you haven't done so already, please click and sign for Brian at -
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
With the exception of some rare original items on display,
I am highly annoyed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
-- for an honest explanation of this statement, and why
this petition is nevertheless so very important
for Brian's legacy, please CLICK HERE.

Please join the
Facebook page we administer,
dedicated to our RRHoF induction effort

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Brian Epstein September 19, 1934 - August 27, 1967


By Jon Savage
From Gadfly June 1999

Click HERE to read entire excerpt, or stay here and read the few examples below:Collapse ) Brian Epstein

For all the mediation surrounding the Beatles—a vast edifice of scholarship, memorabilia, minutiae, nostalgia, gossip, claim and counterclaim—Brian Epstein remains an occluded figure. He has been ill served by Beatles biographers, most notably Albert Goldman, who have all too often exploited his early disappearance from the story to plant homophobic sleaze—after all, their subject isn't around to sue. Yet Epstein's role in the Beatles' success was central and his friendship with them deep. As Paul McCartney says, "If anyone was the fifth Beatle, it was Brian, you know."

The image is nevertheless fixed: Jewish, smart, homosexual, doomed—as if all four are inextricably interlinked. But who was he? Epstein catalyzed and directed the entertainment sensation of the century yet passes as a tragic cipher. You could say that he had everything, except for the freedom to be who he really was.

Read more...Collapse )

By 1966, the Beatles were a worldwide phenomenon. They changed pop, the music industry and Western moral codes and modes of perception.

This is where Epstein's real achievement lies. Compared to Colonel Tom Parker — whom he met and gambled with in 1965 — Epstein was a very different kind of pop manager. Rather than dominate his principal artists, he collaborated with them to further their interests, which were at first financial, then artistic. New to the music industry, Epstein made some famously bad deals — most notably the 1964 "Seltaeb" Beatles merchandising license, which rumbled on in litigation until early 1967 — but his lack of preconceived ideas and his flexibility allowed him to nurture their success in a creative and supportive manner. He was the first major manager to sense that pop groups could and should have creative control over their output.

The wind beneath their wings

Yet Epstein's place in this was and remains shadowy. In the footage and photos, he is characteristically on one side, lost in the crowd, pensive, conscious not to intrude. The sheer volume of the Beatles' success brought more than even this workaholic could deal with. Added to the paranoia about business deals gone bad was the syndrome he expresses in A Cellarful of Noise: "Do people want me or do they want the Beatles through me?" His inability to sustain a successful relationship can be attributed to this and other legitimate worries. Epstein was rich, high profile, addicted to risk and danger, subject to blackmail and theft. As Marianne Faithfull says, "He was always very afraid of being shot down in flames and unmasked. It was all quite a combustible and dangerous mix."

After the Beatles stopped touring in August 1966, they took pop culture into uncharted waters. A visionary rather than a business-oriented manager, Epstein had little patience for the maintenance an established act needs. Adrift, he began to unravel into a manic-depressive cycle exacerbated by drugs like Carbrital (prescription down) and LSD (illegal up). He yo-yo'd from suicide attempts to cosmic benevolence, making his downhill slide — seemingly inevitable in light of subsequent events — a more closely contested struggle than has been thought.

Despite rumors, Epstein's death was a product of sheer toxicity: a Carbrital overdose, pure and simple. Its effect on the Beatles was immediate. As John Lennon later said, "I thought, 'we've fuckin' had it,'" and the unraveling took many bitter years. Yet Brian Epstein does not remain tragic. He, like his group, came roaring out of nowhere to take over the world, and they did. He remains an icon to all of us who have benefited from his efforts to create a more humane society. He lived to see the freedoms he had prophesied for the Beatles and himself become real, even if he was already too damaged to benefit from them.

Gadfly Online, an online magazine. Page contents copyright 1998-2004 by Gadfly Productions, Charlottesville, VA.

Please check eppylover and mrbrianepstein for more on Brian.

Producer/Screenwriter of THE FIFTH BEATLE blogs again!

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Vivek TiwaryFrom: The Producer's Blog ~
July 03, 2006 - 12:38pm
Many apologies for being so infrequent with my blog entries.
The reason is simply that I've been extremely busy with the film-- on both creative and business levels.

As a quick overview: The script is in great shape and we're putting finishing touches on a premilinary budget and schedule now. We're enjoying a ton of interest in the project, and I'm accordingly in lots of conversations throughout the film and music industires...

I'm sincerely hoping that I can stop being so cagey and reveal more/real details soon, but it's always been my nature to not talk about developments until things are truly settled, negotiated, etc.

So please continue to stay tuned, and thanks for all your support and interest! ...and I hope to be better about this blog in the future :)

Brian goofing around with Ringo at the Starkey weddingMr Tiwary has also made another comment in the forum section of the Fifth Beatle site, as follows:
Thanks! And the smallest trivia like that is also
so key in properly portraying Brian in my script!!
Everyone, please post away

I also glom onto whatever little tidbits I can about Brian...
On that note, what WAS his favorite brand of champagne?

Vivek J. Tiwary
Edited by: vivektiwary at: 7/5/06 9:03 am
*sigh* The eppylover is regretfully obliged to reply that she also does not know his favorite brand of champagne.
One of Brian Epstein's favorite drinks, next to champagne and teaHowever, he was extremely fond of Courvoisier cognac!
In Brian's day, this drink was looked upon much differently than it is today. Per the Wikipedia entry for Courvoisier:
Popular culture
This brand in particular has become part of African-American popular culture, modifying its image as a drink for upper class Britons.

The American rapper Busta Rhymes wrote a song "Pass The Courvoisier" in which he declares his preference for Courvoisier over Hennessy and Rémy Martin Cognacs and Cristal Champagne: "Give me the Henny, you can give me the Cris \ You can pass me the Remi, but the pass the Courvoisier."

Courvoisier is also known as being the favorite drink of Leon Phelps (a.k.a. The Ladies Man), an African-American character from a popular Saturday Night Live skit.

In the film Love and Death (1975), when told of Napoleon invading Russia, Boris (Woody Allen) queried, "What, did he run out of Courvoisier?"

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Some things I've found Vivek has accomplished

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NOTE: Check out the bottom of this post for the names of just SOME of the artists Vivek has worked with!

Vivek TiwaryVivek Tiwary is the man making the movie, The Fifth Beatle

Here's the original Rolling Stone article that broke the news

The Fifth Beatle Movie Forum
This is where you can talk to Vivek, me and
others, and provide ideas for the movie. We
can always use your input... the movie isn't
made until it's made, y'know!

            HERE'S PART ONE
PART TWO ~ Read more...Collapse )
He has also worked with artists covering the entire musical spectrum, including
Jon Bon Jovi
The Cardigans
Allen Ginsberg

LL Cool J
John Mellencamp
The Mighty Mighty BossTones
Nashville Pussy

Pearl Jam
Roni Size/Reprazent
Rusted Root
Bruce Springsteen
Shania Twain
Lucinda Williams name but a few.

Eppylover note: Vivek was a producer of the Tony Award-
winning Broadway revival of “A Raisin In The Sun”
starring Sean "Puffy" Combs and Phylicia "Bill Cosby's
TV wife" Rashad.
Vivek Tiwary's 'A Raisin In The Sun'
He also is an initial investor/Limited Partner in Mel Brooks’ "The Producers" ~ !
Brian Epstein - photo from White Album collage poster
I'm so glad such a talented, generous man is so obsessed with telling Brian's story.
Let's back him up as best we can!


ChibBeatles! Brian Epstein by apartment4

No Beatles Music in Brian's Movie?

.Collapse )

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Regarding the report that there would be NO Beatles music in the movie,
Vivek tells us that is not really true...
they are still discussing how exactly his Boys' music will be treated in the film...
he is talking to musicians and composers now...
and it's likely that Beatles music WILL be an "element" in the film,
though what exactly that means is yet to be decided and revealed...

BTW, Please let me know if you have any problem getting the forum figured out.
These are new tricks for this old dog, but she's learning!
There are no commitments with you guys, but I think signing up for the ability to talk back to us might be helpful... you decide...

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