christine~ (eppylover) wrote in the_fifthbeatle,

Who in Eppy's life would YOU like to see played in the Brian Epstein movie?

In this board of the forum,
regarding characters who might be in the movie
(other than Brian and The Beatles themselves)
I had submitted a list off the top of my head
of possible Brian people who might be portrayed ~~
*Early Days*

Harry and Queenie
Clive Epstein
Joe Flannery
Sam Leach
Vera Brown
Bob Wooler
Allan Williams
Sonia Seligson
... (stagename: Stevens)
Rita Harris
Alistair Taylor
Cilla Black
Gerry Marsden
*Beatlemania Days*

Cyn, Mo, Pattie, Jane
Neil Aspinall
Mal Evans
Alf Bicknell
Derek Taylor
Ed Sullivan
Tony Bramwell
Tony Barrow
Brian Sommerville
Murray the K
Larry Kane
Dizz Gillespie
Nat Weiss
*Brian's Last Year*

Alma Cogan
Lionel Bart
Clive's wife Barbara
... and baby Joanna
Dr Norman Cowan
Joanne (Newfield) Petersen
Peter Brown
Geoffrey Ellis
the "rent boys"
... who showed up too late
Bryan Barrett
Dr John Gallway
Jimi Hendrix

Jonathan (with the movie) posted a little teaser for your response!
Unless dealing with this would make you think too much.... ;P
Here it is:
Hi everybody,

Good to see some new members signing up for the boards.

I'd be happy to drop some clues on some other characters that are in the script, but I'd love to see everybody else's thoughts first.

Who would you like to see in Brian's story? Who do you think deserves to be there?

The Eppylover is burning with curiosity now!


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