christine~ (eppylover) wrote in the_fifthbeatle,

Online video news flash

♥ Crossposticaterated ♥

Click this link, and then type epstein into the
Video Search box in their upper right-hand corner.

Video News Report from Australia ~ The Fifth Beatle Movie
You will see an advert first.

NOTE ~~ If the link to that particular clip isn't available anymore, you can maybe use [ this link ] ~ it should open in your default media player, and a short advert will play before the news feature starts.

I'm thinking it's gonna start getting busy real soon on our board, The Fifth Beatle Movie Forum.

All Eppy lovers and everyone who cares about seeing this movie get made is encouraged to sign up (free)
and join in! Our input gives the moviemakers some input for the film, and gives us the occasional larfs ta boot.

This will be our forum, Eppy lovers. Let's make it happen! :D

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