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Brian Epstein VS the automobile!

Brian Epstein VS.

Signatures = 25,653

~*~~*~ A couple of funny stories and some pics involving Eppy & autos ~*~~*~

He may have LOOKED cool driving, but his driving was not cool!

I don't recall -- and don't have time at the moment to find -- exactly which book I remember this from, but I believe it was George Harrison who described Brian's delightful ... uhh ... carmanship.

To paraphrase from memory -- and I'm certain the original wording is funnier -- the boys and other friends of Eppy's were not particularly fond of his performance behind the wheel, but at times they just had to give up and let him drive them somewhere. I put my hands at :22 and :43, or...?

At those times, he was famous for coming to a GREEN traffic light and STOPPING.
Then, when the light turned RED, he would go great guns!

Nobody ever figured out why. XD

And here's a wonderful excerpt from Alistair Taylor's book, With The Beatles:

Alistair Taylor with John Lennon
Alistair during the 60's

Brian and the Beatles were always fun to be with in those heady early days, but I tried not to travel in a car with Brian driving too often. He was a truly terrible driver, although I never knew him to have an accident. He caused plenty, mind you.

In the winter of 1964, the Beatles were playing at a huge cinema in Manchester and Brian decided he would drive the two of us over in his little maroon MGB. My heart sank.

Brian announced we were going for something to eat and eventually we spotted a restaurant. Fortunately, there was a parking space just outside which would have happily accommodated an ocean-going liner. But this still represented a considerable challenge to Brian.

He reversed at speed until we heard a sickening crunch from the rear. Brian grimaced and turned the radio up a notch. We lurched forward and gave the bread van in front a friendly nudge. By then, the curb was just about within walking distance so I took the opportunity to abandon ship before Brian's manoeuvring did anyone any lasting damage.

As I got out, I saw the figure of a very large policeman looming over me. At first, I thought from the tears in his eyes that he was upset about something. Then I noted from the heaving of the shoulders and the spluttering sounds that he was laughing.

When Brian got out with as much dignity as he could muster, the policeman was in such a state of hysteria he couldn't find the breath to tick him off (give him a ticket).

With The Beatles
Alistair Taylor
Page 91-92

Here's another misc. automobile-related anecdote from (a great site for info):
•There was a £3,000 bill when Brian forgot to return a rented car. The car was found months later at the side of a road.

The delightful Alistair Taylor (1935-2004) with John Lennon
Brian Epstein, not unlike the neanderthal man of yore, discovers the wheel!

Brian makes a much, much better PASSENGER than a driver!OMG, please don't let Brian drive in California!!!
Ahhh, that's better, Brian... ride, don't drive!

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