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Update on the movie's progress: Casting Brian Epstein!

Brian Epstein at his Saville Theatre

September 26, 2008 - 08:45am

I've just returned from a first round of serious U.K. casting sessions where I met numerous actors interested in the role of Brian Epstein. A second-round process will take place in November, and I fully expect we will have the lead cast by the end of this year!

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The Fifth Beatle Movie Forum

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Alistair Taylor

Who in Eppy's life would YOU like to see played in the Brian Epstein movie?

In this board of the forum,
regarding characters who might be in the movie
(other than Brian and The Beatles themselves)
I had submitted a list off the top of my head
of possible Brian people who might be portrayed ~~
*Early Days*

Harry and Queenie
Clive Epstein
Joe Flannery
Sam Leach
Vera Brown
Bob Wooler
Allan Williams
Sonia Seligson
... (stagename: Stevens)
Rita Harris
Alistair Taylor
Cilla Black
Gerry Marsden
*Beatlemania Days*

Cyn, Mo, Pattie, Jane
Neil Aspinall
Mal Evans
Alf Bicknell
Derek Taylor
Ed Sullivan
Tony Bramwell
Tony Barrow
Brian Sommerville
Murray the K
Larry Kane
Dizz Gillespie
Nat Weiss
*Brian's Last Year*

Alma Cogan
Lionel Bart
Clive's wife Barbara
... and baby Joanna
Dr Norman Cowan
Joanne (Newfield) Petersen
Peter Brown
Geoffrey Ellis
the "rent boys"
... who showed up too late
Bryan Barrett
Dr John Gallway
Jimi Hendrix

Jonathan (with the movie) posted a little teaser for your response!
Unless dealing with this would make you think too much.... ;P
Here it is:
Hi everybody,

Good to see some new members signing up for the boards.

I'd be happy to drop some clues on some other characters that are in the script, but I'd love to see everybody else's thoughts first.

Who would you like to see in Brian's story? Who do you think deserves to be there?

The Eppylover is burning with curiosity now!


RIP Debbie Geller ~ by Vivek Tiwary, her friend ..........................................

Beatlemania's Influence
A Post For Debbie by Vivek

I attended a funeral service this week for Debbie Geller, who was taken from our world far too soon this past Sunday, from an aggressive form of cancer. Among many journalistic accomplishments, Debbie was the producer of the BAFTA (Britain's Academy Award) award-winning documentary "The Brian Epstein Story" and the author of its companion biography “In My Life: The Brian Epstein Story”. She was passionate and knowledgeable about all things Beatles and Brian.

As part of one of the eulogies, one of her friends read an excerpt from this article Debbie wrote about Beatlemania, and what it meant to her. It's lovely... and familiar.

Please take a read, and share some of your own feelings about the influence of Beatlemania here. This thread is also a kind of memorial to Debbie...

To read more about Debbie and her influence on "The Fifth Beatle" visit my BLOG at
~ Vivek Tiwary

America's Beatlemania hangover

By Debbie Geller
In New York
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Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2004/02/07 12:21:25 GMT
FIFTH BEATLE MOVIE FORUM post by: vivektiwary

Eppy vs G Martin

From THIS POST on eppylover's journal, Oct 10, 2005
~*~*~ To My Dear Friends Who Believe George Martin is the Fifth Beatle ~*~*~

My brave attempt to sway your opinion is as follows:
I love Sir George Martin. It is my firm conviction that George Martin is an honorary Beatle by virtue of his contribution to their music, which I do agree was utterly essential, and it's entirely within the realm of possibility that they may not have made it without him... however, I feel that Eppy would have found them another (albeit less capable) musical mentor, and would have made sure they became "bigger than Elvis" nonetheless!

It speaks volumes for me that, on a few occasions, George Martin admits that he was contemplating leaving them for a "better" job, with no regrets evident. According to Geoffrey Ellis,
"Once, over a convivial lunch, which happened to follow a frustrating session with the Boys, he burst out to me 'Sometimes, when a reporter asks me for a quote on what the Beatles are really like, I'm tempted to answer: they're still the same stupid arrogant bastards they always were'."
I Should Have Known Better - A Life In Pop Management, Page 51
In contrast to George Martin's statement, even though Brian had often been criticized, taunted, humiliated and treated cruelly by the boys (especially John), he took it in his stride and would never, ever have even dreamed of bad-mouthing them, to anyone, no matter what. George Martin did not have the boys in his heart and soul like Brian Epstein did. Brian lived for and was devoutly dedicated to the Beatles in the same way that (nay, even MORE than) they were supportive of each other. Brian may not have been capable of doing what Martin had done musically, but George Martin would never have been capable of being what Brian was for them, ever, ever, ever.
"I must add that Sir George was very clear in expressing the importance of Brian Epstein in making the Beatles the Beatles
and that when he died, so did the dream -- they all knew it would never be the same."
George Martin, Dick James, and Brian Epstein
Sir George Martin himself says he would never have taken on the Beatles if it hadn't been for Brian Epstein's constant unshakable belief in them. The Beatles were a part of Brian. And it was proven that Brian was a part of the Beatles when he died, because the Beatles were unable to survive for very long without him.
If that's not being a real Beatle, what is?

As much as I admire George Martin, he was not the Fifth Beatle. I would readily agree to calling him The LIVING Fifth Beatle, how's that for compromise?
George Martin would not have died for them.
And you know damn well that Brian Epstein would have,
no questions asked!!!
It seems to me that people who think anyone else but Brian could possibly be called
a "Fifth Beatle" just aren't Beatle scholars and don't know the full real story.

Vivek Tiwary

Vivek Is Back!

~*~*~ Crossposticated In Other Places~*~*~

September 04, 2007 - 12:37pm

IT WAS 40 YEARS AGO TODAY (well, last week actually)…

         …that Brian Epstein passed away.

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I can say that I’ve been flying to both Los Angeles and London regularly, and that there is a LOT of love for the film from all the right “players” in this process.

And I’ll also add that we are still prepared to shoot in the first quarter of 2008, with a goal to premiering the film in Liverpool by the end of 2008, while the city is still Europe’s Capital Of Culture.

But please be patient as we keep more exact details behind-the-scenes for now... and since timeframes can alter and Tomorrow Never Knows, please stay tuned for more specific breaking news...

With Love,

Vivek J. Tiwary

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To reiterate what Vivek said above:
"If anyone else has a strong feeling or reaction to the anniversary of Brian's passing, please, let's discuss it on our Message Boards here."


Online video news flash

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Video News Report from Australia ~ The Fifth Beatle Movie
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I'm thinking it's gonna start getting busy real soon on our board, The Fifth Beatle Movie Forum.

All Eppy lovers and everyone who cares about seeing this movie get made is encouraged to sign up (free)
and join in! Our input gives the moviemakers some input for the film, and gives us the occasional larfs ta boot.

This will be our forum, Eppy lovers. Let's make it happen! :D